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 A unique balloon experience that will blow their minds!

Arizona Rick, The Balloon Cowboy, creates a unique balloon experience that will have the kids rolling on the floor laughing as he climbs inside a giant balloon. After the show, they'll even get to take home a personalized balloon creation to remember their awesome day at your special event.

Phoenix, Arizona & Statewide

Butterfly balloon twisting


Kids love Arizona Rick and find his show and his balloon creations really cool.

Balloon animal

Peace of Mind!

You can be sure Rick will show up on time, every time and be respectful.

Balloon twisting


Rick's simple booking process will melt all your stress away.

Trying to find a unique, truly exciting entertainer is daunting!

Arizona Rick knows how hard it is to find an entertainer that's unique and doesn't put the kids to sleep. You just want everyone to have an amazing time. You don't want to spend all your time searching for the right person. All that time spent can even cause real stress and anxiety.  

Mom trying to plan a birthday party
  1. There's too many balloon entertainers to choose from. How do I pick the right one?

  2. What if my kids think their show is boring?

  3. How will I know if they make premium balloon creations and not the simple dogs that most people make?

  4. Will all my guests have a great time and rave about my event?

Arizona Rick understands your dilemma and is here to help.

Arizona Rick has more than thirty years of experience entertaining kids & familes.

Tell him a little about your event and he'll customize a special balloon experience just for you! 
Jewsih Summer Camp.jpg


Children's and youth librarians work tirelessly searching for programming that'll bring in families year after year.


It's especially difficult during Summer Reading time. You just want your patrons to have an amazing experience and maybe they'll even check out a few extra books.


Arizona Rick appreciates your challenges and has an incredible show to meet your needs. The kids will be laughing and screaming non-stop. He even climbs inside a balloon.

You should see the looks on all the kids' faces. A memorable experience for sure!



Preschool directors and summer camp coordinators spend a stunning amount of time trying to fill their calendars with quality entertainers for their students and campers.


But, how do you know which people are the quality ones and which ones may not even show up? You want an entertainer that kids are going to tell their parents about when they get home.


That's a huge plus for enrollment. Arizona Rick gets it! He's been providing balloons and laughs to kids for more than three decades. You can count on him to always delivery a boot stomping good time.



Every day thousands of parents struggle looking for the right entertainment to make their kid's birthday party awesome! You aren't alone.


You know kids go crazy for balloons, but have no idea what to do for the party. Worrying about this can't be good for your health.


Guess What? Arizona Rick has all the answers to make your kids birthday the best ever! The kids will freak out over the amazing balloon creations that he's perfected over the last three decades. They'll even all get to take one home too! And, his show is full of non-stop laughs and craziness.


Your kid will instantly become the hero of their class after their party.

Different balloon animals all in a line.

Arizona Rick loves performing his amazing balloon comedy show and twisting balloon creations for kids and adults. If you'd like The Balloon Cowboy at your special event, just get in touch and he'll make it happen for you!

Arizona Rick 

This Cowboy's Here For You!

Arizona Rick The Balloon Cowboy.

Arizona Rick, the Balloon Cowboy came to be for one main purpose. To help people like you do everything in your power to make kids smile, to make them laugh, and to allow them to forget about everything else for just a few minutes.


How are you going to do that? It's simple. A visit from me, The Balloon Cowboy will achieve exactly that. Whether it's a birthday party, library, preschool, elementary school assembly, or a fair.


You may not be surprised to hear that my life as "The Balloon Cowboy" started much like your typical country and western song. My balloon journey started in Texas with my wife, our blended family of nine kids and an old Cadillac

Down on my luck, with no money and no job I moved to New Mexico where I struggled to take care of my kids. They were my world.  

I met some people that showed me how to make simple balloon dogs and when I saw the look on kids' faces when I gave them the balloons, I nearly melted. That's when I knew that balloons would be my new life.


Not only could it feed my family and my soul,  but I could help people like you become the hero and put that same smile on other kids' faces.

Trusted by Leading Companies 

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Want to change your stress into success?

It's easy. Promise.

Rick #1 for website.jpg

1. Check Availability

Click the button below to give me your event information and I'll let you know if I'm available before you can say "Howdy"!

Rick #2 for website.jpg

2. Get Confirmation

I'll send you a confirmation with all the details via the Pony Express (email) to your email inbox.

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3. Stress Disappears

Your stress literally melts away because you hired an experienced entertainer that you can count on!

 Th Mind Blowing
Entertainment Options 

Arizona Rick inside a giant balloon.

 1. The Great Grand Canyon Balloon Show 

The Balloon Cowboy show is nothing like you've ever seen before. Imagine a cross between a storyteller, a clown, a game show host and a big little kid. That's pretty much what you get in The Great Grand Canyon Balloon Show.
It's a whole show full of belly laughs with kids in balloon costumes and me, Arizona Rick directing. There's also a ton of interaction with everyone dancing, singing, and participating in games too. It's a boot scootin' good time!

The Balloon Cowboy with different balloon animals.

 2. Balloon Twisting They'll

Never Forget!

I'm sure you've seen balloon twisters before. Heck, a lot of us even have that crazy uncle that knows how to take off his nose and make a balloon dog. If that's your experience with balloon creations, wait until you and all your guests see what I have up my sleeve. They don't call me The Balloon Cowboy for nothing.
Everyone at your kids birthday party, library, or preschool will get a unique super high quality balloon creation made by me, especially for them. And, believe it or not, I can make just about anything you can think of. Just let me know!

Be prepared to see the biggest smiles on everyone's faces. Everyone, especially kids, go crazy for balloons.



Ricks testimonial - Brenda.jpg

Brenda Hatch-Roberts

"Seriously, not to be missed"!

"His balloon work by itself is beyond amazing, but it’s his fun and engaging personality that really makes his shows over-the-top.  I’m not sure which is the most fun to watch, AZ Rick or the children and their reactions.  Great family entertainment.  Seriously, not to be missed!"


Merilyn Snyder

"You will embrace this lifelong memory"!

"Arizona Rick has the most loving heart for his audiences.  Every person attending is included and as many audience members as he can possibly include in his stories are a part of the show.  The “assistants” take home an exquisite memory of their experience.  A storyteller extraordinaire indeed. You will embrace this lifelong memory!"


Jerrilyn Pickle

"Love, Respect and Laughter"!

"Wherever he performs, all attendees receive his ultimate gift - love, respect and laughter.  His love of all humanity comes through, bolstered by amazing skills that he has honed to perfection.  On a scale of 1-10 I give him a 25!"

What People Are Talking About

You don't have to experience the regret that comes along with hiring the wrong balloon entertainer for your event. 

Pictures of sad people with balloon.jpg

Why? Because You Can Have

Arizona Rick, The Balloon Cowboy!

Arizona Rick with snowman balloon animal
Arizona Rick with mermaid balloon animal.
Arizona Rick, Balloon Cowboy with a balloon creation.

The Balloon Cowboy Guarantees:


A one-of-a-kind balloon show experience.

Balloon creations that'll blow your mind.

Everyone will be talking about your event.

More smiles and laughs than ever before.

The best event ever!

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